What to Expect

When you arrive at the Barbara Polly Theater, please be aware there will be metal barricades at Clinton Avenue and Jerome Street. These are to close the street in front of the playhouse for the use of our patrons. There is parking in front of the playhouse, and along the streets.

There may be special events on some performance evenings. These may include wine tastings, local musicians, craft vendors, food trucks, etc. Please check our special events page to see what may be going on and plan your arrival time accordingly.

Prior to open of the house, you may visit the June Tolliver House and our Gift Shop.

The gate and box office open at 7:00 PM. Concessions are available at the stand located in the back of the theater. Programs are available for $2.00.

Local musicians provide pre-show entertainment beginning at 7:15. The show begins promptly at 8:00.

Please be aware that our show includes depictions of gunplay and a hanging. However, no low-life, no-account, murderous scoundrels are actually hurt in the production of the play.

With a ten-minute intermission, the show has an approximate runtime of two hours.

In the event of rain, the severity and duration will be assessed and, if appropriate, the drama will continue when the rain passes. There is shelter available in the gift shop, at the box office, or under the picnic shed located on the cabin side of the theater. If the show cannot be completed, rainchecks will be issued to patrons to attend another performance.

Following the show, cast members will interact with the audience. Please feel free to ask them about their characters and the real-life people and events that inspired John Fox Jr.